The cost of membership is currently £15 for a sole member. 

A joining fee of £5 is payable for new members.

Membership runs from July 1st of each year, ending on June 30th of the following year,

on July 28th of that year if you have not renewed your membership your door entry card will no longer let you enter.

New memberships are confirmed by the committee at the monthly meetings, should you wish to join in April, May and through June your membership runs to the following year, giving you three months extra.


Please feel free to come into the Club to look at our facilites and complete a

Membership Form if you wish to join.


The Club Rules have been updated and were adopted by the members at the AGM on 26th May 2022


They can be viewed below.

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The New Rules for Children access to

Stanwick Club.

h) Children

Access for Children to Stanwick Club premises adopted 17th August 2017 by order of a special general meeting (SGM) Members and visitors with their children are welcome in Stanwick Club during opening times; they must ensure the following rules are adhered to whilst children are on the premises:


i.      Children aged 12 and under are not permitted at the BAR AREA at any time or under            any circumstances.

ii.     Members may sign in up to 2 guest children (in addition to their own). The guest book will be located at the main door. Children must be visually supervised at all times by the Members who brought them into the premises.


iii.    The safety of children is paramount therefore the outside and inside areas ie Games room, Smoking, Patio/Lawn areas, children need to be visually supervised at all times by the Member or Parent/Guardian.

iv.    Members with children in the Club should familiarise themselves with those elements of the Licensing Act (2003) relevant to them being allowed in the Club premises as part of responsible drinking. Rule contraventions will be tactfully pointed out to the supervising Member or Parents/Guardian by a Member of the Management Committee or the Bar Staff. Repeat offenders will be dealt with according to the rules via the Management Committee.

v.     Members proven to be incapable of correct supervision may lose the privilege to bring their own and/or guest children to Stanwick Club and this could impact on their own membership with sanctions via the Management Committee.

These rules have been passed and are now in place in

Stanwick Club